Over time the role of advertising on human consumption has turned into a necessary commodity given the amount of competition for each product. Brands were looking to stand out, to show that they were different even though the product they were selling was completely homogenous  to the rest of players in the market. Advertising in newspapers was the most common thing about 100 years ago, given that it was where the societies attention was at. With the birth of radio and then Television, given that attention and focus in society focused on the new technology so did all advertisers. 

“The invention of the television created a new industry of video production specifically for advertisement, and has since grown into the multibillion industry that it is today”

Video production was then the focus of advertisement, and while this industry was blossoming, advertisers were getting more and more creative. We all know the funny advertisements in the Super Bowl, yet few know the insurmountable prices that companies are paying for 60 seconds of air time. With the invention of mobile devices, attention has now dramatically shifted in popular society. 

With everyone’s attention shifting from the tv and the radio to the computer and our mobile phones, advertisers were set to do the same. The early growth of google in the early 2000’s and Facebook’s ridiculous growth since early 2010’s has proved that they are the platform that has attracted the world’s eyeballs. Paying for advertisement on these platforms has become more expensive over the years given the amount of companies that flooded this highly valued yet rarely used advertisement marketplace. Thus proving to be one of the most efficient sources of advertisement in history, facebook and google ads are what modern businesses need to survive. 

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