Case Study – Dental Website Development

Over the last 6 months, we have been working with a very loved client. A group of dentists out in Kitsilano Vancouver. Kitsilano Dentist is a dedicated and professional group of talented dental students. Having worked for over 25 years we had quite a job ahead of ourselves attempting to replicate their success over time with a simple yet unique website that represented them. 

We always like to interview our clients before getting started on a website, this way we know exactly what they want and we can try and develop a properly representative website for their business. There is a psychological term that explains the complexity behind finding an identity of someone through a website or through a social page. We love to portray someone that we might not be, but in the case of our dental client, we just wanted to do as much as we could to make sure people saw the real dentist clinic. 

We started off with a professional photographer coming in to take stock pictures for the website and show all the high tech equipment, ready for any possible need. While this took longer than we expected, we worked with a dedicated photography company from around their area. Our website development team then went in to structure the website, working on each different page and luckily in around a month and a half, nearing two months the basic website structure was finished. We added on the additional CSS which pictures and a video that they made and finally the website looked to be near finishing. 

We ran into a few problems when developing a contact strategy for them given that they hadn’t yet been on google maps! Imagine that, a local business that had been fruitful and extremely successful over the last 25 years but had not been placed on google maps. Without a doubt, word of mouth and location are the most undervalued form of marketing. We developed their google my business account and helped them set up a google maps location which is quite spectacularly in the middle of Kitsilano the area they so proudly serve.  It is always interesting helping people that are of an older generation and don’t understand all the processes that take place for the development of a website. The owner of the establishment Dr.Pfeffer was very inclined to know every step and while he was a busy man himself, he was asked to be included in every meeting we had about the layout and structure of his website. 

The website was at that point done, and our job was done as well however they wanted to keep us on contract for the following months to make sure that the site had no outages and that everything functioned properly. We even made sure to sign them up with a few local citations, helping the dental clinic register on yelp, and trip advisor. Overall we found that this client located in the beautiful Vancouver was another client whom we can learn a lot from. Understanding the give and take that is required under such a development to ones business such as a new website gives us a new sense of admiration for the extensive years that people have lived doing their jobs. We have nothing but respect for these dentists out in Vancouver. That’s all for this case study, I am currently also writing next week’s case study, a curious website development about a dog training site!  

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Case Study – Dental Website Development

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